Spookerfest 2009


Spookerfest 2009 a great success!
To all our Spookerfest Volunteers,

On behalf of my Co-Coordinators, Ned Siegel, Sandra Kantrowitz, and Anne North, I would like to thank you very much for making Spookerfest 2009 a great success.

Even though the wacky wind was sending napkins, shirts, plates and everything else into the air off into the field and on its way to Hopkinton, you held down the fort and managed to sell over 2000 concession items, coordinate 39 teams, 400 players and another 400+ parents.

Your hard work at this event kept smiles on hundreds of kids and parents alike and will help keep Holliston Soccer going strong.

We could not have done this without your help, thank you for volunteering.

Thanks :)

Bill North

Schedule of Games for Spookerfest 2009!!  Click here



Parents, Friends, Players, Coaches:

Welcome to Spookerfest 2009!

Spookerfest is a fun and lively soccer event designed for the Holliston Youth Soccer participants to play in a tournament-like atmosphere. Please note, Spookerfest runs regardless of weather conditions, so count on playing the full complement of games and make sure that you and your players are dressed accordingly. As Spookerfest occurs on Halloween, we encourage coaches, players, parents and siblings to come decorated for the occasion and enjoy the day.

This year Bill North and Ned Siegel, as Tournament Directors, and Wayne Regan, HYSA President, are proud to announce that we have 39 teams registered with more than 400 soccer players participating. There has been a lot of work behind the scenes to make this tournament run as smoothly as possible, and we'd like to acknowledge first the significant contributions of Anne North and Sandra Kantrowitz. We also want to acknowledge the volunteer efforts of coaches and those who have committed to helping out at the tournament during the day. We can't make Spookerfest happen without your efforts!

The funds raised during this tournament go entirely for the support of Holliston Youth Soccer to buy equipment, maintain our field complex, and contribute to maintaining the costs of HYSA participation. The tournament is a “participation” tournament and therefore we don’t utilize a playoff format. Games are 40 minutes long with two 20 minute halves, played in a 6v6 format with a goal keeper. Each and every participant will receive a trophy at the end of their last game in a trophy presentation ceremony so please bring cameras and cheers for your soccer stars.

By now you all should have received the Spookerfest games schedule. Please try to be at the field complex at least 15 minutes before your child's game. This is important for the following reasons: to get the kids to the right field, allow coaches to get the players warmed up (more critical in cold weather), permit time for the referees to perform player equipment inspections, and to start the games on time! We need to make sure that we keep on schedule throughout the day given the sheer number of games.

Other important items to note:

  • Parking will be difficult all day- as you can imagine with this many teams there is going to be overload.  Please park safely in the lot, or if you have to park on the street proceed with caution and park ONLY on the eastbound (field side) of Marshall Street. Car pool if you can and please leave the handicapped spots for those in need.  We want to be good neighbors, so please be considerate of Marshall Street residents whose homes abut the complex. 
  • Turf Fields -  the maintenance and longevity of our turf fields are important to us so please follow the rules of the park, which means NO Food, Gum, or Drinks other than water or sports drinks allowed on the fields.  We have created picnic areas for food and teams to enjoy their time off so please utilize those areas for snacks and eating.
  • No pets are allowed on the complex - as you can imagine with so many children we must be strict about the no pet rule.
  • Concessions Stand - food will be available for purchase during the tournament at the concession stand to the right of the playing fields  Again, we ask that you take the food and drinks away from the turf fields to enjoy in the picnic area.  We will have coffee and doughnuts in the morning and pizza, hotdogs, and snacks later in the day.  There will also be soccer and Halloween temporary tattoos, as well as HYSA car magnets, spiritwear and Spookerfest t-shirts. 
  • Special Guest - we are happy to announce the New England Revolution mascot will be in attendance between 10:00 and 11:00.
  • Trash - PLEASE make sure that you pick up your trash including plastic water bottles.  There will be a significant clean-up effort after the tournament so the less trash littering the complex, the faster we can all get to Trick-or-Treating!  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and courtesy.  Coaches - please make sure that your "bench area" is clean before leaving the field after your game is completed.
  • Flu Precautions- as a matter of general precautions we encourage all players and families to utilize hand sanitizer.  Please discourage any player from spitting on the fields, cover your mouths when you cough or sneeze and utilize the knuckle bump instead of the high five at the end of games. 
Thank you all for participating and enjoy a safe and happy Spookerfest.  This is a great event for Holliston and one that the players will remember for a long time!   
Ned Siegel, Spookerfest Tournament Director
Bill North Spookerfest Tournament Director
Wayne Regan, HYSA President

For more information, please contact Bill North or Ned Siegel, Spookerfest Coordinators.

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