Field and Park Rules
The following rules are found in the Holliston Park and Recreation Field Manual.

  1. No dogs or pets.
  2. No Smoking.
  3. Please pick up trash before you leave.
  4. Please be considerate to neighbors at all parks.
  5. No alcoholic beverages on town property as stated in town by-law, article XVIII.
  6. Holliston High School sports have the right to finish their games before the next group uses the field.
  7. Games take precedence over practices.
  8. Respect fields and rights of others.
  9. No hitting hard baseballs or softballs into fences or backstops on any field.
  10. Public Address systems & sound systems and their usage must be approved by the Park Commission.
  11. Weights holding down goals must contain potting soil not sand.
  12. Use fields that are assigned to you. Do not just hop onto an open field.
  13. All equipment must be moved to the side of all fields each night.
  14. Infields-please brush all water onto rest of infield not onto the grass.
  15. Rakes & brooms to sweep water only. No machinery.
  16. No unauthorized parking.
  17. No practicing in goal areas.
  18. Please do not damage the fields or the equipment on the fields (backstops, benches, irrigation heads, etc.).
  19. All field approvals must go through the Park & Recreation Office.

The Park Commission reserves the right to amend Field & Park rules at any time.

Town of Holliston Fields
All fields except Marshall St. are provided by Holliston Parks and Recreation. These fields are listed on the directions page. Parks and Recreation communicates field availability and usage to  Holliston Soccer and we maintain a complete field status for our teams’ practices and for our visiting teams.