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The following is our current policy with respect to the responsibilities of our coaches as they pertain to intramural referees. HYSA develops referees as an equivalent learning experience as soccer players. They attend training courses and officiate in our intramural program to develop as referees, and hopefully for the travel program and beyond. HYSA asks for your cooperation in adhering to some common practices.

1. “In Charge”. The coaches are in charge of their teams and their parents. The referee is in charge of the game. Please support them in this role.
Suggestion: Ask them, don’t tell them. For example, “referee, may we sub please?”
At the end of the game, have the children thank the referee.

2. Fields and Equipment. It is the responsibility of the referee to check the field and equipment for playability. If they have any issues, they will ask the coaches to address them. Please respond appropriately to those requests.
Suggestion: Have the field always ready.

3. Game Format. For each of the intramural programs, a game format is established. The coordinators will have established the format and it should be made known to the coaches and the referee coordinator. Typical formats are:

  • U-8 4v4 without goalies with two 20 minute halves, size 3 ball
  • U-10 6v6 with goalies with two 25 minute halves, size 4 ball

There may be exceptions to the format, such as longer duration or number of players. The referee should meet with the two coaches prior to the game to assure the format.
Suggestion: Make sure you understand any direction given by your coordinator.
If, for any reason, you are in disagreement with the referee, please yield.

4. Check-In. After the referee has met with the coaches, they will ask the team to check-in. Please line up your players so that the referee can do their job of inspecting player equipment and readiness (shin guards with socks covering, shirts in, no jewelry, etc.). This also lets the players know that the referee is in charge.
Suggestion: When asked, hustle up the children very quickly along the sideline.

5. Rules and Regulations. HYSA will make every effort to remove ambiguity on the play of the game. Referees have been trained on soccer rules and regulations, including kicks and throw-ins. The referees may also be flexible on instruction and retries, but it is their choice to do so. If you have not made an agreement with the referee prior to the game, don’t introduce it during the game.
Suggestion: Throw-ins have been commonly accepted at the U-8 level.
While some guidance has been given to allow kick-ins, settle on throw-ins.

6. Any issues you may have with respect to a referee should be brought to the attention of the referee coordinator. Your opinion is valued. Do not engage the child or their parents.

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