Based on US Youth Soccer U10 Playing Recommendations – {with amendments for Holliston}

Law 1 – The Field of Play:
Dimensions: The field of play must be rectangular. The length of the touchline must be greater than the length of the goal line.
Length: minimum 45 yards maximum 60 yards
Width: minimum 35 yards maximum 45 yards

Field Markings: Distinctive lines not more than five (5) inches wide. The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line. The center mark is indicated at the midpoint of the halfway line. A circle with a radius of eight (8) yards is marked around it.

The Goal Area: Conform to FIFA.

The Penalty Area: A penalty area is defined at each end of the field as follows: Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, ten (10) yards from the inside of each goalpost. These lines extend into the field of play for a distance of ten (10) yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line. The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the penalty area. Within each penalty area a penalty mark is made eight (8) yards from the midpoint between the goalposts and equidistant to them. An arc of a circle with a radius of eight (8) yards from each penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area.

Flag posts: Conform to FIFA.

The Corner Arc: Conform to FIFA.

Goals: Goals must be placed on the center of each goal line. They consist of two upright posts equidistant from the corner flag posts and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. The maximum distance between the posts is eighteen (18) feet and the maximum distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is six (6) feet. {Holliston: 6.5×12 foot goals are provided}

Safety:  Goals must be anchored securely to the ground.  Portable goals may only be used if they satisfy this requirement.

Law 2 – The Ball: Size four (4).

Law 3 – The Number of Players:
A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than six players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than five players.

{Holliston: the game is played as 6v6; 5 players plus a goal keeper; accomodations may be made to increase the number of players due to large rosters, but it is discouraged}

Substitutions: At any stoppage and unlimited. {Holliston: the referee will be asked to allow substitutions; substiutions will be made from the center line; substitutions are allowed on any goal kick and on a team’s own throw-in; if a team makes a substitution, the opponent may also substitute}
Playing time: Each player SHALL play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.
Roster Size: Six to eight players per team is recommended. At ten to twelve players, you are encouraged to run two parallel games.
Coaches should allow players from the team with sufficient numbers to ‘loan’ a player or two to the team that is short players and then PLAY.

Law 4 – The Players Equipment:
Conform to FIFA. Non-uniform clothing is allowed based on weather conditions, but uniforms must still distinguish teams.

Law 5 – The Referee:
Registered referee, especially Grade 9 or parent/coach or assistant coach. All rule infringements shall be briefly explained to the offending player.{Holliston: provides intramural referees for U10; coaches may officiate in their absence}

Law 6 – The Assistant Referees: Not required.. {Holliston: dual referees may be used to train new officials}

Law 7 – The Duration of the Match: The Duration of the Match: Conform to FIFA with the exception of the match being divided into two (2) equal halves of twenty-five (25) minutes each. There shall be a
half-time interval of five (5) minutes. {Holliston: the coaches may agree to extend play to two (2) 30 minute halves to accomodate the number of players; four (4) 12 minute quarters maybe used to accomodate extra hot conditions}

Law 8 – The Start and Restart of Play: Conform to FIFA with the exception of the opponents of the team taking the kick-off are at least eight (8) yards from the ball until it is in play.

Law 9 – The Ball In and Out of Play: Conform to FIFA.

Law 10 – The Method of Scoring: Conform to FIFA.

Law 11 – Offside: None.

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct: Conform to FIFA with the exception that an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot on the halfway line if a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball in the air from his/her penalty area into the opponents penalty area.

Law 13 – Free Kicks: Free Kicks: Conform to FIFA with the exception that all opponents are at least eight (8) yards from the ball.

Law 14 – The Penalty Kick: The Penalty Kick: Conform to FIFA with the exception that the penalty mark is made eight (8) yards from the midpoint between the goalposts and equidistant to them.

Law 15 – The Throw-In: Conform to FIFA.

Law 16 – The Goal Kick: Conform to FIFA.

Law 17 – The Corner Kick: The Corner Kick: Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents remain at least eight (8) yards from the ball until it is in play.

Other Recommendations:
Opposing coaches, players and parents should shake hands after each match. {Holliston: as the teams line up, the referee will be present and the players and coaches will thank the referee}
Parent/coaches, non-participating players and spectators should be there to enjoy and encourage the activity of the youngsters.
Spectator and team benches should be on opposite sides of the field.

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