Program Overview

Eight, nine and ten year olds can play soccer and enjoy the game. They need time and the appropriate environment to continue their technical development and begin simple tactical development (simple combinations with their teammates). Fewer players on the field provide ample opportunity to make quality decisions more often, reinforcing the tactical basics, so-to-speak. They enjoy being part of a team because it’s a FUN environment!

3rd & 4th graders are combined onto teams in the boys’ program and the girls’ program. Each group has their own program coordinator. Teams of ideally 10-12 players are formed, with an assigned head coach and 1-2 assistants. The number of teams, size of teams, and variations to program are driven by the number of registered players and coach volunteers.

Each Intramural team has a one-hour practice during the week and a game on Saturday. The boys’ games are scheduled for Saturday mornings and the girls’ games are in the afternoon. The practice day & time differ for each team and are set at the same time as the rosters in late August and late March. If there is a specific day that your child is not available for practice, please note it in the registration comments. We try to avoid known practice conflicts, although we can’t guarantee a specific practice time because of varying coach and field availability.

The 3rd & 4th grade Intramural games include two 25 minute halves and a five-minute intermission. Teams play with a 6v6 format (5 field players plus a goalkeeper). A size 4 ball is used. There is no offside rule and there are unlimited substitutions, made during any goal kick and a team’s throw-ins. Intramural referees who have completed a Grade 9 License class officiate the games.

Players wear the reversible red/white Intramural shirt, which can be purchased at HYSA’s Shirt Nights before each season.  Players must wear shin-guards, soccer socks and cleats.

The program runs for 10 weeks in the fall and again in the spring.

HYSA also offers boys’ and girls’ select competitive 4th grade travel teams which play in the BAYS league. BAYS 4th grade travel teams play with a 7v7 format. Interested players should read the following information prior to attending attend May travel tryouts: . Players who do not make the select 4th grade travel teams will be assigned to the Intramural 3rd & 4th grade teams.