G12 Fall 2022

v2.0 - September 6, 2022 (** teams from last games responsible for moving the goals off the field)
DateRed TeamWhite TeamLocationGame Time
9/10/2022G1/2 KingG1/2 WorbyWeston Pond2:15 PM
9/10/2022G1/2 KaneG1/2 MarienWeston Pond2:15 PM
9/10/2022G1/2 IsabelleG1/2 Jacquet**Weston Pond3:30 PM
9/10/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 Morrell**Weston Pond3:30 PM
9/17/2022G1/2 KaneG1/2 McSherryWeston Pond2:15 PM
9/17/2022G1/2 MarienG1/2 MorrellWeston Pond2:15 PM
9/17/2022G1/2 IsabelleG1/2 King**Weston Pond3:30 PM
9/17/2022G1/2 WorbyG1/2 Jacquet**Weston Pond3:30 PM
9/24/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 MarienWeston Pond2:15 PM
9/24/2022G1/2 MorrellG1/2 IsabelleWeston Pond2:15 PM
9/24/2022G1/2 KingG1/2 Jacquet**Weston Pond3:30 PM
9/24/2022G1/2 KaneG1/2 Worby**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/1/2022G1/2 IsabelleG1/2 McSherryWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/1/2022G1/2 JacquetG1/2 MorrellWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/1/2022G1/2 KaneG1/2 King**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/1/2022G1/2 WorbyG1/2 Marien**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/8/2022G1/2 IsabelleG1/2 JacquetWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/8/2022G1/2 MorrellG1/2 KaneWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/8/2022G1/2 KingG1/2 Marien**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/8/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 Worby**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/15/2022G1/2 KaneG1/2 IsabelleWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/15/2022G1/2 MarienG1/2 JacquetWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/15/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 King**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/15/2022G1/2 WorbyG1/2 Morrell**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/22/2022G1/2 JacquetG1/2 KaneWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/22/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 MarienWeston Pond2:15 PM
10/22/2022G1/2 KingG1/2 Morrell**Weston Pond3:30 PM
10/22/2022G1/2 IsabelleG1/2 Worby**Weston Pond3:30 PM
11/5/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 KaneWeston Pond2:15 PM
11/5/2022G1/2 MorrellG1/2 MarienWeston Pond2:15 PM
11/5/2022G1/2 KingG1/2 Isabelle**Weston Pond3:30 PM
11/5/2022G1/2 JacquetG1/2 Worby**Weston Pond3:30 PM
11/12/2022G1/2 McSherryG1/2 IsabelleWeston Pond2:15 PM
11/12/2022G1/2 MorrellG1/2 JacquetWeston Pond2:15 PM
11/12/2022G1/2 KingG1/2 Kane**Weston Pond3:30 PM
11/12/2022G1/2 MarienG1/2 Worby**Weston Pond3:30 PM