HYSA Policy on Double-Rostering, Multi-Activity and Commitment Expectations for Travel Teams

Holliston Youth Soccer recognizes that certain players may compete on two different teams (i.e. town and club) or participate in other sports and activities. In doing so, conflicts arise as to what takes priority which affects a players commitment to their assigned team.

The commitment has a direct impact on a team for the season. The team needs to have a level of cohesiveness. Practices are planned for a level of attendance and some plans require a number of players to be effective. Games require a number of players and substitutes, the number depending on the fitness of the children, the level of play and the weather.

While the intramural program may enjoy the flexibility of swapping kids on a given week, the travel league requires fixed rosters. Teams are established well in advance of the start of the season based on tryouts, number of player and optimal size of teams. Sometimes the teams in an age group all run heavy (large rosters) or all light (small rosters). The impact is felt more when rosters run smaller.

Holliston Youth Soccer asks for yours and your child’s commitment. The impact of this policy is to allows your child to be assigned accordingly and for teams to have a chance of success for the season.

For Select teams with minimal roster sizes, a commitment of 50% practices and 75% games is required.

For other teams, a commitment of 50% practices and 75% games is expected, and if your child is unable to, you should declare this in advance such that team sizes and league placement can be considered.

The bottom line is that all should expect honest and open communication.

With respect to double-rostering and player priorities, Mass Youth Soccer has rules in place that need to be adhered to, which are published at:



With respect to the general conflicts, Holliston Youth Soccer recommends:

  • Highest Priorities (things happen, but often these can be planned for; early communication is key)

o    Health

o    Family Matters (including religious)

o    School – Academics

  • Games and Events (these come before practices; recommend splitting conflicts evenly; if not, your child should declare a higher priority interest)

o    Other Soccer Team Games

o    Other Sports Games

o    Middle School sports Games

o    Dance Recitals

o    Band Concerts

o    Karate Test

o    School Function

o    etc.

  • Practices, Rehearsals, Training

o    Other Soccer Team Practices

o    Other Sports Practices

o    Middle School sports Practices

o    Dance Class

o    Band Practice

o    Karate Class

o    etc.

Holliston Youth Soccer is understanding and other organizations should as well. If other organizations do not, then you must make a choice. If issues arise with other soccer organizations, please bring them to the Board so they may be addressed properly.

As this policy can be difficult to enforce, Holliston Youth Soccer requests your best effort to comply and for you to recognize this policy.

Before your child is assigned a team (before tryouts) or at the time of you are notified of your child’s placement, you are asked for your child’s commitment to the team.

It is often too late to notify as the season begins because teams are build and league placement is complete.

Repeated abuse, in the form of frequent absence, lack of communication, etc. may affect the placement of your child on future teams in the program.