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The following is our current policy with respect to field equipment. It is defined as to comply with requirements from Holliston Parks and Recreation and our own Marshall St Field Management. Town fields include Weston Pond, Goodwill, Patoma, Stoddard and school fields. HYSA will be responsible for any equipment left on town fields and may be fined. We ask you for your cooperation.

1. For games, it is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure sure the field is ready for play. This includes setting up corner flags and moving goals into place and securing with supplied saddlebag anchors. It is the referee’s job only to declare if the field and equipment is playable or not. Please do not ask the referee to set-up the field.
Suggestion: If you have the first game of the day, arrive early to set-up.
If you are busy with the children, ask parents to help.

2. For game days (typically Saturday), if you have the last game, HYSA needs your cooperation to move equipment off of the playing fields. This allows the fields to be mowed and lined, and allows the fields to be rested. Please move goals to the outside edge of the playing area (your shortest distance, and typically by wooded areas or fences). Please put the saddlebag anchors and corner flags with the goals.
Suggestion: If you don’t know if you are the last game, assume so and move the goals.
Please contact your coordinator if you have a question.

3. For practices, if you move equipment onto the fields, it is your responsibility to move them off. Don’t assume someone else will do it. Other teams may not be using the goals.
Suggestion: If a practice follows yours, ask the incoming coach
if they will use the equipment.

4. For Marshall St. synthetic turf fields, the above applies with the exception of the main 11v11 goals. All other goals and corner flags should be moved off the pitch at the end of your practices. Goals should be moved to the outer sidelines of the turf fields (not in the middle or on the end-lines).

5. For grass fields at Marshall St., if you use goals for practice, they should be intentionally set-up outside of the lined goal mouths to minimize wear in one area.

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