Soccer, like all other youth sports is a chance to get with your friends and have fun as a group. If you feel like you are not having fun, talk to your parents about what makes you feel this way. In order to become a better player, you need to:

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Take the time to practice on your own what you learn from your coach.
  • Become a better player by becoming a better teammate.
  • Measure your progress by what you have learned. Do not compare yourself to other players – you are all different.
  • Help and encourage your teammates, don’t coach, don’t be critical, everyone makes mistakes.

One of the best things to learn through Soccer is how to become an important part of the team:

  • Show respect to your coaches who are taking the time to teach you.
  • Show respect to your teammates who are sharing this experience with you.
  • Show respect to all referees, because they are figures of authority on the game field.
  • Appreciate the time and energy your parents have spent to provide you with this opportunity.
  • Respect your opponents by playing within the rules of the game and playing fair.

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