Why a partnership?
Holliston Youth Soccer seeks to help grow our children (see our Mission statement). The result of our program helps to feed the Holliston High School athletic program, ideally providing some great soccer talent.
Our partnerhips is a soccer ecosystem where each program supports the other in a development cycle. The Board continues to work with members of the High School program to collaborate on ideas, share resources, and support each other for the good of soccer in Holliston. Examples in the past have included ball girls and ball boys at varsity games and varsity players providing training clinics for our children.
If you have any ideas or what like to get involved in this partnership, please contact any Board member.
Take in a game!
You can show your support of the high school teams and expose your child to some competitive soccer by taking them to a local game. Have them wear their soccer jersey! Look for scheduled games at the Holliston High School Varsity Calendar.
Girls Soccer Season Schedule

Boys Soccer Season Schedule