Goalie tryouts are for incoming U14 players only.  There are no goalie tryouts this year for incoming U10, U11, or U12 players.  Remember, this is for the program your child will be in next year (i.e. if s/he is U12 this spring, s/he will be U14 next year and should attend U14 goalie tryouts).

HYSA is holding tryouts for those players who wish to be regular goalies in 2015-2016.  Players who do not tryout can still play goalie.  The purpose of the tryout is to assist coaches and coordinators in proper placement of goalies.  Goalie tryout results are one of many factors in determining a player’s placement for the following year.

HYSA does not support the use of full time goalies.  Goalies should develop foot skills and field awareness at the youth level.  Therefore, it is HYSA’s policy goalies play a maximum of 50% of playing time in goal.  The other 50%+ should be as a field player out on the field.

Goalie tryouts will run by Framingham State University soccer coach Kristina Kern and held at Marshall Street field 3 on Thursday June 4th from 5:00 – 6:30 PM.  Both girl and boy U14 goalies should attend.  Please RSVP to Coach Kern at  by June 1st.

Goalies are expected to attend goalie tryouts and both field tryouts.   

If you have any questions please email Garth Fondo at